Dale E Brown        for Congress    2012 

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

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I want to thank the 4100 pro-Constitution, pro-national security, pro-fiscal responsibility, pro-limited government, pro-individual rights (including life, gun and states) 5th district voters for having the true American courage and "common sense" to stand up and stand out and let the world know that you stand for "We the People" and not "They the Party". Your vote was not wasted but did in fact display your independent individuality and love of AMERICA. I am not saying that the other 180,000 5th district voters do not love America but they are still deluded in believing that the PARTY (over half still believe in the wrong party at that) is the solution to our problems.

Over this next two years, it is still up to us to ensure that that the representatives that are allowed to continue will begin to “toe the mark” because we will still be here during the next 2 years to remind them that in fact they do still work for us.

As for me, “Old sailors stand tall and alert to the change in weather and course” and

“I’ll be baaaaack”

Harder, tougher and more knowledgeable.

Vets supporting the Constitution

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Through a misunderstanding and maybe a little naivety to the states political mechanics on my part, I have been designated as a candidate for the "LIBERTY PARTY" which does not exist and has not existed in this country since 1852. The fact still remains that I am an "INDEPENDENT" candidate for the fifth Congressional District seat.

The "LIBERTY" designation does in fact fall within my political philosophy as my primary stance is the preservation of the principles of the Declaration and Constitution, both of which maintain "LIBERTY" (and protection and preservation of...) as the main theme.  I would much prefer the "DEMOCRATIC-REPUBLICAN" (Jefferson's original party which is the great-great-great-... grandaddy of today's Democrat party before all of the Progressive inbreeding) designation but the unhyphenated pieces have already been hijacked by the 2 present major parties neither of which has any similarity to the party of Jefferson.  So as an Independent (un-enrolled candidate) I have accepted the challenge of protecting "LIBERTY" and individual rights.